E tal: Sad Shit

Publicado: 05/04/2011 em E Tal
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Caros amigos leitores do blog, esse é um post muito pessoal que estou publicando aqui para vocês. É algo que escrevi hoje, que tem a ver com depressão e outras coisas. Aparentemente fico criativo quando fico triste… sem mais delongas, aqui se vão meus pensamentos…

Sad SHIt


Most of days I wake up just living one day after the other

Thinking, “why should I wake up? Why bother?”

The only strength I have left, is the one given by the one who loves me

If it wasn`t for her, I don’t know what would have happened to me


Some days I don’t even wanna exist

I wanna get out of here, go away into the mist

Go towards to those that have already left this earth

Leaving the problems, the sadness, looking after their family first


I know people get sad when I talk this kind of shit

Some people get mad when I think of this shit

I know that this is selfish of me, but it totally fits

I hate hurting people that I care about and love, really hate this


I want to get better.. I really do

Not just for me, but for all of you too

Ugly thoughts, really ugly feelings inside of me

Things that no one can imagine, or even see


All this pressure, all this pain

Even after it seemed sorted out, It always comes back again and again

Before getting depressed, I always try to stop it, counting from one to ten

Sometimes it works, but most times makes me wanna do stuff that I did back then


I`m gonna finish this sad-as-fuck poem/letter

Trying to think good things, get better

And hoping that this storm passes by

And truthfully wishing that I haven’t been living this nightmare, a lie

All I have to say for today is “bye-bye”

  1. Tamara disse:

    I really enjoyed your post, it just describes everything that I wanted to scream now. These verses are great!

  2. Tamara disse:

    I’m brazilian too, but I like to write and read a few things in english, I found your blog through tags in common.I really enjoyed your blog, if you have some time you take a look at my blog http://tearsforbreakfast.wordpress.com/

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